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Huai-Jen Tsai, Professor

Born in 1950

Ph.D. Oregon State University, U.S.A .
Specialty: Animal molecular aquatic biology, Marine biotechnology, Molecular developmental biology in fish
Laboratory:FisheriesScienceResearchBuilding R304/307
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TEL 886-2-33662487

Recent Research Topics
  • the molecular structures, genetic regulations and function analyses of myf-5, troponin, cmlc, and rhodopsin
  • using transgenic fish to study human diseases
  • developing transgenic system and new species of aquacultural organism
  • developing various body colors of ornamental fish

By using transgenic methods in vivo, we have sequenced the genes of zevrafish myf-5 1,2,3, cmlc2 4, and carp rhodopsin 5,6,7 that are responsible of controlling expressing specificities in tissues, as well as getting to know the proteins that bind them. We’ve also elaborated the roles that myf-5 1,8, pavalbumin 9, troponin 10 and intacalcin 11 genes might play in zebrafish embryonic development. Some useful model species like zebrafish and medaka have been used to develop transgenic species, based on regulating upstream sequences of myf-5, rhodopsin, troponin, and actin genes to generate reporter genes (like GFP and RFP). The steady transgenic species that we have in our laboratory now are zebrafish with green fluorescence either in heart 4,12,13, eye, or oval 14, and zebrafish as well as mesaka that have visible bright fluorescence under normal light 15,16. Besides, we also produce transgenic aquacultural animals that have the advantage to grow fast, like loach 17, abalone 18, and prawn 19,20. They are all obtained by using sperms as carriers successfully. These new transgenic species are of academic research and industrial application uses.

Website of Laboratory

Selected Research Publications

1.      Chen YH, Lee WC, Liu CF and Tsai HJ. 2001. Molecular structure, dynamic expression and promoter analysis of zebrafish (Danio rerio) myf-5 gene. Genesis: J. Genet. Dev., 29: 22-35.

2.      Wang TM, Chen YH, Liu CF and Tsai HJ. 2002. Functional analysis of the proximal promoter region of fish rhodopsin and Myf-5 genes using transgenesis. Marine Biotechnol., 4: 247-255.

3.      Chen YH, Lee HC, Liu CF, Lin CY and Tsai HJ. 2003. Novel regulatory sequence -82/-62 functions as a key element to drive the somite-specificity of zebrafish myf-5. Dev. Dynamics, 228: 41-50.

4.      Huang CJ, Tu CT, Hsiao CD, Hsieh FJ and Tsai HJ. 2003. Germ-line transmission of a myocardium-specific GFP transgene reveals critical regulatory elements in the cardiac myosin light chain 2 promoter of zebrafish. Dev. Dynamics, 228 :30-40.

5.      Lim J, Chang JL and Tsai HJ. 1997. A second type of rod opsin cDNA from the common carp (Cyprinus carpio ). Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1352: 8-12.

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16.  Chou CY, Horng LS and Tsai HJ. 2001. Uniform GFP expression in transgenic medaka (Oryzias latipes) at the F0 generation. Transgenic Res. 10: 303-315.

17.  Tsai HJ, Tseng FS and Liao IC. 1995. Electroporation of sperm to introduce foreign DNA into the genome of loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus). Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 52: 776-787.

18.  Tsai HJ, Lai CH and Yang HS. 1997. Sperm as a carrier to introduce an exogenous DNA fragment into the oocyte of Japanese abalone (Haliotis disvorsicolor suportexta). Transgenic Res. 6: 85-95.

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20.  Tseng FS, Tsai HJ, Liao IC, and Song YL. 2000. Introducing foreign DNA into tiger shrimp (Penacus monodon) by electroporation. Theriogenology 54:1421-1432.

21. Tsai HJ. 2000. Electroporated sperm mediation of a gene transfer system for finfish and shellfish. Mol. Reprod. Dev. 56: 281-284.

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B43 U1200 Gene Technology
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