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Cells are the fundamental units in all living creatures, so it is very important to understand molecular functions from the level of cells. The faculty members in our institute aim to investigate the mechanisms of molecular and cellular functions in a variety of model organisms, including E. coli , yeast, C. elegans , fly, zebrafish, Arabidopsis , and rodent. Our research interests range from genetics, genomics, single-molecule biology, synthetic biology, bioinformatics and systems biology, cell biology, and developmental biology. With these diverse organisms and research tools, we can systematically explore the miracle of life at the molecular and cellular levels, based on multiple points of view. For example, we take advantage of state-of-the-art approaches, such as nanomaterials and super-resolution imaging, to make a breakthrough in interdisciplinary research. With emergence of innovative concepts and novel technologies, we hope to contribute ourselves to promote life science research in Taiwan. We also welcome new faculty members to join us and bring innovative concepts in research in the future. In conclusion, with the study of various model organisms and the employment of novel technologies, our goal is to train students to have contemporary and advanced biological skills. Hopefully, our alumni are internationally competitive and can contribute themselves to the fields of biotechnology, medicine, and agriculture in Taiwan and all over the world.
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