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Fore-Lien Huang, Professor

Born in 1942

Ph. D. University of Windsor, Canada
Specialty Endocrinology, Developmental biology, Reproductive physiology

E-mail :

Laboratory: Institute of Biochemistry R201

TEL 886-2- 33662481

Recent Research Topics
  • Reproductive physiology of fish, especially the molecular structure and mechanism of gonadotropins

The Laboratory of Reproductive Physiology

The equipments include: HPLC, FPLC, RIA, PCR, electrophoresis, spectrophotometer, and high-speed centrifuge. Emphasizing the research of reproductive physiology, we use molecular biology as the prime way to study the gonadotropins of snakehead and carp. Those who are interested may come and have a talk with the teacher.

Selected Research Publications


Ju, T.K. and F.L. Huang. 2004. MSAP, the Meichroacidin Homolog of Carp (Cyprinus carpio), Differs from the Rodent Counterpart in Germline Expression and Involves in Flagellar Differentiation. Biol. Reprod. In press.
Link to: Supplemental Table 1 and Table 2.

C.J. Huang, M.S. Lee, F.L. Huang and G.D. Chang. 1995. A Protease Inhibitor of the Serpin Family is a Major Protein in Carp Perimeningeal Fluid: II. cDNA Cloning, Sequence Analysis, and E. coli Expression. J. Neurochemistry, 64:1721-1727.

C.J. Huang, F.L. Huang, G.D. Chang, Y.S. Chang and T.B. Lo. 1995. Studies on Structure and Function of Carp Gonadotropin a subunit by Site-directed Mutagenesis. Int'l. Peptide and Protein Res. in press.

C.J. Huang, C.C. Chen, H.J. Chen, F.L. Huang and G.D. Chang. 1995. A Protease Inhibitor of the Sepin Family is a Major Protein in Carp Perimeningeal Fluid: I. Protein Purification and Characterization. J. Neurochemistry, 64:1715-1720.

Chang, Y. S., F. L. Huang and T. B. Lo. 1994. The complete nucleotide sequence and gene organization of carp (Cyprinus carpio) mitochondrial genome. J. Mol. Evol. 38, 138-155.

C.J. Huang, M.S. Lee, G.D. Chang, F.L. Huang and T.B. Lo. 1994. Molecular Cloning and Sequencing of a Carp cDNA Encoding Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase Kinase. Biochim. Biophy. Acta, 1220:223-225.

Huang, C. J., F. L. Huang, Y. C. Wang, Y. S. Chang and T. B. Lo. 1992. Organization and nucleotide sequence of carp gonadotropin α subunit genes. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1129, 239-242.

Chang, Y. S., F. L.Huang, and T. B. Lo. 1992. Isolation and sequence analysis of carp gonadotropin β-subunit gene. Mol. Marine Biol. Biotech. 1, 97-105.

Chen, Y. S., C. J. Huang, F.L. Huang, and T. B. Lo. 1988. Primary structures of carp gonadotropin subunits deduced from cDNA nucleotide sequences. Int. J. Peptide Protein Res. 32, 556-564.

Courses Information

B01 41100 Molecular Cell Biology
B43 U1200 Gene Technology
  Application of Molecular Biology

Special Topics in Marine Biotechnology

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