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Hsueh-Fen Juan , Professor
Distinguished Professor

Born in 1969

Ph. D. NationalTaiwanUniversity
Specialty Bioinformatics, Genomic, Proteomics

E-mail :

Laboratory: Life Science Building R1105

TEL 886-2- 33664536

Recent Research Topics
  • Elucidating the response pathways of ectopic ATP synthase by combining proteomics and network biology .
  • Studying protein interaction networks and signal pathways of novel oncoprotein ZNF322A .
  • Integrative omics and network study of miRNA regulation in cancer progression .

Laboratory: Systems Biology Laboratory

Systems Biology Laboratory

  Systems biology is a new field that focuses on understanding biological processes and their functional activities from a system-wide perspective. With the advent of high-throughput omics technologies and computational methods, systems biology has become a viable approach to improve our knowledge of health and disease. This holistic approach will enable more rapid advances in elucidating biomolecular pathways and identifying targets for drug discovery and disease therapies. To integrate the data generated from omics technologies, there is much academic focus on developing fundamental computational and informatics tools into models of regulatory networks and cell behavior. Classic bench-top experiments are used hand in hand to provide high-throughput data and to validate simulated predictions. Through an iterative process of experimental assays, data analyses and computational simulations, in silico models are refined so as to more closely reflect the biological reality. The main research in our lab is to apply systems biology for drug discovery and investigate the molecular mechanism of the drugs in cancer cells.

  Targeting tumor tissues is one of the most powerful approaches to accelerate the efficiency of anticancer treatments. We discovered a novel anti-cancer drug for targeting therapy. This finding, described as the first to test possible medical uses of so-called ATP-synthase inhibitors, may lead to new and more effective anti-cancer medications. Additionally, we elucidated the mechanism of anti-cancer novel drugs, sialyltransferase inhibitor, OSU03013 and cRGD. Our findings show their potential to be anticancer drugs and this information presents a valuable in-depth description of their possible impact on cancer therapy.

  MicroRNAs are short single-stranded non-coding RNA molecules which play a key role in post-transcriptional regulation of mRNAs. A miRNA can affect many downstream targets which in turn form a complicated network. Our lab has characterized the roles of miRNAs in the regulation of cellular networks and revealed that miRNA-regulated network could be used as a novel therapeutic target for cancer as well as other diseases such as neurological and cardiovascular diseases.

Selected Research Publications

Journal Papers:

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